About Us

In the Beginning there was ISES. Then there was ISES Missouri and ISES St. Louis Chapter, and now… ILEA. The International Live Events Association.

In January 1996 a group came together and focused on the information of an organization that would benefit various disciplines of the event industry. The purpose of this new organization would be to bring education, networking and ethics to the local industry.

The founding team of ISES Missouri Chapter

Bob Bargen, Bob Bargen Productions

Jackie Biondo, The Saint Louis Club

Patsy Hall, Dick Hall Productions

Nardi Hobler, Party Arts

Judi Keith, BJC Health System

Mason Schott McMullin, Party Planner Inc.

Carole Miller, IMM St. Louis

Bonnie Andrews Nentwig, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Paul Nix, Nix & Associates

Pat Schaumann, IMM St. Louis

Virginia Trent, Virginia R. Trent Special Events

The group spent many hours discussing and writing a business plan. The plan would be the heart and soul of the organization and the resultant documents would determine acceptance in the parent ISES organization.

The plan included the election of the management team, the projected financials, benefits of membership, a marketing plan, the public image and reputation, the formation of a Board of Directors, target markets for membership and strategies.

Now there is ILEA St. Louis…

As a result of the dedicated and talented effort of this group, the ILEA St. Louis Chapter is over 125 members with a strong board of directors that puts us in the position to serve the industry more meaningfully than ever before and further our educational efforts. If you are interested in becoming a committee or board member for ILEA St. Louis, please reach out to us!

ISES - St. Louis Chapter · PO Box 9452 · St. Louis, MO 63117